The II Open Source Software, Multicore and Parallel Computing Miniconference is an initiative of Nicolás Erdödy, aimed to foster an ecosystem of Developers, Academia, Industry and Researchers around the problem of developing Parallel Software and unveil the potential of multicore and manycore architectures.


Nicolás Erdödy is a seasoned high technology entrepreneur and former venture capitalist that founded and implemented 15 start ups in different countries and industries. He spent decades designing and integrating systems and teams involving different areas of established organisations or creating them from scratch. Nicolás has full responsibility for value chain creation, from concept design to profitable operation and exit.

In early 2010, Nicolás established Open Parallel Ltd, a start up specialised in OSS, Multicore and Parallel Programming. Open Parallel’s first major project was sponsored by Intel and involves TBB (Intel’s Threading Building Blocks) applied to HipHop, Facebook‘s open source software for big PHP websites

In January 2010, Nicolás organised the I Open Source, Multicore and Parallel Computing miniconference part of Linux Conference Australia (LCA2010) in Wellington, New Zealand. Speakers included James Reinders, Director of Software Products and Chief Evangelist of Intel.

Nicolás is Director of Erdödy Consultancy Ltd, a professional services firm that specialises in Corporate Entrepreneurship, conceptualises and deliver projects within business and corporations; supports the due diligence, establishment, funding and management of new ventures; and helps with market development of innovations and new technologies internationally, particularly in Australasia and Latin America.

As Founder and CEO of the first multicore software company established in 2005 in New Zealand, Nicolás created, raised venture capital and internationally consolidated the business as multicore ISV for Sun Microsystems and successfully negotiated the firm’s divestment in 2008. He was key for the University of Otago, New Zealand becoming the first Oracle – Sun Microsystems OpenSparc Centre of Excellence outside the US.

In 2008, Erdödy Consultancy Ltd was commissioned by NZTE (the Economic Development Agency of NZ) to investigate if there was a potential around multicore systems to be the foundation of new industries in New Zealand. Nicolás delivered a report proposing a strategy and technology road map towards NZ becoming a global hub in Open Source and Parallel Computing.

Between Nov’ 2008 and Aug’ 2009 Nicolás was Program Manager of the Open Source Learning Lab, a project lead by The Open Polytechnic of NZ with funding from the Tertiary Education Commission, OSLL was an innovative delivery model of Open Source Software training 100% online. In 2000-2002 with French investment he created the first e-learning Mathematics academy of South America, with users in 14 countries, based in Montevideo, Uruguay

In 2005, Nicolás established dGV, a boutique venture capital firm, full member of NZVCA. Based in North Otago, dGV specialised in early stage high tech ventures with strong IP position. He was Venture Capital Manager and between 2005 and 2008 received 3000 proposals, did 300 full due diligence and three investments, becoming CEO of two of the newly created companies and Director of all of them.

Nicolás holds a Master of Entrepreneurship from the University of Otago, New Zealand; a Research Diploma for New Technologies in Education from INRP (Uruguay – France) and forgot long time ago the FORTRAN that studied between Mathematics and Hydraulics at the School of Engineering of Universidad de la Republica, Montevideo, Uruguay. He knows how to ask for a beer in five human languages.