Public comments and blogs from participants of the miniconf


Paul McKenney, our keynote speaker, posted on his blog his thoughts about his presentations at MulticoreLCA.

“I presented “Is Parallel Programming Hard, And, If So, Why?” at the Multicore and Parallel Computing Miniconf, and had the good fortune of having Linus (Torvalds) in the audience. As you will quickly learn if you post to LKML, Linus often gives very insightful (and sometimes quite pointed) feedback. My presentation was no exception.”

“Linus noted that many parallel programming experts are unwilling to admit that there are algorithms that do not parallelize nicely.”

“As you might expect, I responded by saying that parallelism is an optimization, and like other optimizations has places where it works well and places where it does not.

“What else could I have said?”



“Well, this day the conference got on in earnest. Tuesday I spent almost all my time in the Parallel computing conference, which was very interesting.

The first session was, let’s just say, very interactive. Dr. Vinton Cerf giving a presentation on the implications of parallel computing on network infrastructure, wound up being as much him teaching us, as the rest of us teaching him. A true two-way exchange, with the added challenge of hearing aids deciding to turn themselves off without warning.

That, and the discussions into FPGAs were very interesting, but sadly, I won’t be messing with FPGAs for fun at home. Too expensive, and sadly the companies involved seem to think that something is at stake by being truly open. (Yes fellas, release a FPGA with fully open tools, and I may consider trying out your product! Keep the status quo, and I’ll keep ignoring you!)”



In the multi-core mini-conf, the most repeated phrase seems to be “I am not a physicist, but… ”