Vinton G. Cerf is Chief Internet Evangelist and VicePresident of Engineering of Google, Inc.

With a PhD in Computer Science from UCLA and another 15 Honoris Causa from seven countries, Vint is recognised worldwide for his contribution to the creation and development of the internet. With Bob Kahn he co-designed the TCP/IP protocol suite. Active evangelist, has been speaking in thousands of conferences since 1981, publishing 70+ papers since 1970 and having several guest appearances on TV series. He won the Turing award and received medals from Presidents Clinton and George W. Bush but also from Spain, Tunisia and Bulgaria. His career include senior roles at DARPA (Principal Scientist), MCI (SVP), ICANN (Chairman), WorldCom (SVP), and is president of a corporation set up to commercialise Interplanetary Internet protocols. His full CV shows the evolution of technology for the last 45 years and gives a hint of the future. Cerf’s wine cellar is internet-enabled, sending him a text message when the temperature and humidity reach unfavorable levels…His job as CIE Google is to convert the remaining 70% of world population that is not yet connected. Visit his corporate biography at Google and the Wikipedia page about him.