The II Open Source, Multicore and Parallel Computing miniconference presents its initial keynotes:

Paul McKenney (CTO of Linux at IBM) will present “Is Parallel Programming Hard, And If So, Why?” and also give an overview of remaining challenges facing transactional memory

James Reinders (Director of Software Products from Intel) will talk about the recent open source developments of TBB 3.0 (Threading Building Blocks) and about Intel Array Building Blocks: a flexible Parallel Programming Model for Multicore and Many-Core Architectures

Join Paul and James and other world class presenters in Brisbane at LCA2011: there is still time to submit proposals for the miniconf!!.

We strongly encourage developers and students to present their work and discuss publicly their interests, either in a lightning talk or during the panels and BOF that characterise the miniconf. This is a unique opportunity to exchange ideas within the growing community of Multicore and Parallel Computing!