CFP stands for Call for Papers, but we are aiming also for Proposals, Presentations, Panels…

At the first Miniconf (in LCA2010) we had a very dynamic conversation (see photos) along the full day of the Miniconf, hence a mix of presentation types would be great!

So if you have an idea, a piece of code that you are working on, or project that want to share with us, that’s more important than the “formal format” of the presentation. If you are keen to do it, you’ll find the way to present it in a way that will distinguish yourself.

Of course that formal papers are welcome as well as speakers with established careers. But we want to encourage young developers (not necessarily in age but in time involved with OSS and Parallel Computing) to actively participate, even if it is with a Lightning Talk.

The main purpose of the Miniconf is to foster an ecosystem around OSS and Parallel Computing.

Therefore we invite


Are you writing OSS code for applications that take advantage of the multicore architecture?

Or contributing to larger OSS projects that are working in the problem?

Or simply want to explore the potential of the new hardware and share your questions openly with all of us?


Do you belong to one of these areas?

– Entertainment / Games / Rendering

– Weather / Climate

– Economic / Financial modelling

– Oil and Energy prospection

– Bioinformatics / Genetics

– Any industry that is (or will be) processing massive amounts of data

Are you using or planning to use OSS and PP?

If so, which are the measurable improvements and benefits?

Come and share with us how do you envisage the future of your industry!


We invite you to show how your problems are being solved (or expected to be solved) using OSS and parallelisation.


How do we need to teach Parallel Programming?

Using the traditional system in a classroom?

Would be the OSS model useful?

And why not teach OSS and PP together from scratch?

If these (or similar) are questions that you are discussing in your institution, why don’t come and share your ideas, findings and experiences with us?

Dialog between all of us will only contribute to better solutions!

Look for more information in this site about the the Time LineDetails of a Presentation, and more details about the Miniconf at LCA2011

Do not hesitate to contact me

Nicolás Erdödy, Miniconf Organiser

MulticoreLCA -at-