You decided to submit a proposal, welcome!

The only “compulsory” requirement is that code MUST be Open Source

(however, we do need to know a few more details about you, thanks!)


  • Name of the presenter(s).
  • Email and cellphone. Believe me, it is good for my health to be able to check the night before the Miniconf if you are already in Brisbane or still traveling from some remote place (like South Island, NZ in my case)
  • Project homepage / blogs
  • Bio of the speaker(s)


If you belong to an organisation (company – university – other) please state if you are presenting individually or on behalf of your organisation. In that case you are totally responsible for the material that will be released under LCA2011 conditions.

The organisation of the Miniconf does not accept any liability about confidential or commercially sensitive material presented or discussed during the event.


  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Presentation outline

Note that we are not looking for papers to be published in any proceedings: the above details are requested to promote the Miniconf and the talks. In case that there will be more than one presenter, establish who will be talking about which part of the talk.

  • Target Audience
  • Objective of the presentation (are you gathering interest for some area, do you want to show an update of your work, invite colleagues to be part of your project, etc)

Remember that LCA2010 is not a commercial initiative, this is not a space to directly promote specific products for commercial benefit. There are implicit promotions like “I’m using hardware xyz and achieving these results in my prototype”, we won’t exclude them, but if you say that “I’m using hardware xyz and achieving these results which are 32% better than my competitors at 20% less cost and by the way here is my website and the sales rep address” (and you work with xyz Inc) that’s a line that we will recommend to avoid…


Please state clearly in your proposal

  • The type that you are aiming for (50′, panel, 25′, LT) and if you are keen to accept presenting a shorter version of it so we can accommodate more presentations along the day.
  • The “platform” that you aim to use (slides, video, combination of them, simply standing in front of us, etc)

We will endeavor to provide the best technical equipment for your presentation, but given that this event is run by volunteers (like me ;-) ) please discuss with us well in advance which are the conditions that you would like to have in your presentation.

Network and A/V

Verbatim from the LCA2010 official website: (TBC in LCA2011)

“There is no guarantee that the network will be operating or that presentations will be recorded during the miniconf days. These services are provided on a best effort basis.”

“If AV is provided, Miniconf Presenters will be asked, before they give their Miniconf talk, if they agree to their talk being recorded and to their talk materials being released under a creative commons licence. If these are agreed to, the A/V technician will ask to download their talk slides and/or handouts for public release.”


Proposals and questions must be submitted to Miniconference organiser

Nicolás Erdödy

MulticoreLCA (at) gmail (dot) com

For urgent contacts (less than 24 hours response), use my personal email

nicolas (dot) erdody (at) gmail (dot) com