Given the general format of LCA, we have the following formats for the Miniconf

50′ presentation

We aim for two types here

1) A formal 35′ – 40′ presentation, which covers a topic and presents a concrete outcome or conclusion about it.

Extra 10′ – 15′ are considered for final discussion / Q&A and / or a lightning talk (LT) before / after  (i.e. if you come from a research area, one of your students / assistants could start the session with a related short talk. Or we can schedule related topics together)

It could be also a collective presentation that runs for 40′ (i.e three presenters from industry that are showcasing different progress or parts of the same initiative / project in an organisation).

2) A 30′ presentation which is followed by a panel discussion, with the proposal already including at least 2-3 panelists that could present or be part of the discussion later which could run for another 15′

25′ presentation

As above, we aim for a short talk of 15′ – 20′ with space for Q&A.

Ideally, we will leave one 25′ slot of the Miniconf open for a final debate at the end of the day with the presenters

5′ – 8′ lightning talk

A LT is ideal for a brief presentation of a success story or an invitation to contribute to an existent or about to start initiative.

The format is open, if you want to impress maybe you could try a Pecha Kucha format for a more effective presentation.

We will define if the LT will go together in a 25′ slot or along the other presentations (or both)

Like in every conference, we expect to have more proposals than slots, hence if you aim for a long presentation, please consider including an alternative for the shorter version. Having said that, don’t restrict yourself to the short version: we will have presentations and discussion panels in every format.