Reading about the ICT/OSS industry I arrived to this page from Queensland Government providing information about different companies established there, apart from the likes of NICTA, etc

Who else is here?

  • Bay Technologies – is a leading provider of compliance and governance software to the legal profession and government agencies
  • Boeing Defence Australia – regional headquarters, global R&D facility, a systems analysis laboratory and a major flight training centre with advanced simulation capability
  • Dhanush InfoTech – Asia Pacific headquarters of Dhanush which specialises in innovative software solutions
  • IBM Australia – the Tivoli e-security lab provides world-class software product development. IBM also has their Asia Pacific Delivery Centre based in Queensland employing over 300 staff
  • Microsoft e-research centre – established in partnership with QUT, this centre focuses on smart software tools relating to bioinformatics, earth science, sensor networks, parallel programming and mobile computing
  • Mincom – leading global software solutions and services provider, headquartered in Brisbane
  • Oracle – Brisbane R&D centre focusing on four main themes including Java development, higher education, financial services and content management
  • Red Hat – based in Brisbane, Red Hat is the largest centre in the Asia Pacific focused on engineering, R&D and multilingual technical support
  • SAP – SAP Reseach’s Campus-based Engineering Centre (CEC) in Brisbane was the first research centre in the Asia-Pacific region
  • Sun MicrosystemsSun Labs Down Under is currently focused on improving the efficiency of systems code analysis through the reduction of false positives and false negatives in code analysis
  • Technology One – headquartered in Brisbane with over 700 staff, Technology One is a leading enterprise software solutions provider throughout Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and the UK
  • The Creative Assembly (Sega Australia) – major UK-based games developer with a studio in Brisbane
  • THQ Studio Australia – a premiere developer of videogames for all console formats, THQ has over 70 staff at its Brisbane development centre
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